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Why I Became A Social Worker

Published: March 20, 2017

In celebration of Social Work Month, SAFY is recognizing a few of many dedicated and passionate social workers who go above and beyond on a daily basis to support SAFY's mission.

Our social workers play a vital role in making an impact on families, children and the communities that we serve. 

At SAFY, we take pride in supporting our clinical staff with flexible work schedules, manageable caseloads and making sure individuals practice good “self-care” to give our best to the families and children we serve. SAFY is a great place to start and continue a career in the social services field, make a difference and join a network of diverse and supportive team members.

We're proud to tell you about some of our exceptional social workers:

Jane Campbell, one of SAFY’s outstanding social workers in Colorado, was asked what she found most rewarding about being a social worker. “Being a social worker offers an all-encompassing perspective on how to work with all individuals from diverse populations. I have always had a passion for serving alongside some of our most vulnerable populations, and being a social worker affords me the skills to flex my advocacy and support in a social justice capacity. Specifically, as an animal assisted social worker, I have the unique ability to integrate the human-animal bond into my work, emphasizing the value of unconditional regard for all beings, the value of relationships, and signifying the respect for humanity and animals alike.”

Jane has been in the profession for more than 9 years and was immediately drawn to SAFY’s inclusive and strengths-based culture.

Jane and her therapy partner, Tiller, are great at what they do and SAFY greatly appreciates their dedication.

Jane Campbell and Tiller

Lauren Collignon represents our SAFY of Kentucky location and has proudly worked in the profession for a decade! Lauren began at SAFY working as a therapist in the Family Preservation Program with her focus on CPS (child protective services) cases. She then moved to working as a therapist with youth placed in SAFY TFC (therapeutic foster care) homes, helping them find permanency and stability.

When asking Lauren what she considers unique about being a social worker she said, “the perspective of how to approach situations. I am a believer that you have to look at a system approach to all situations. Looking at how the context of a person’s history, present situation, culture, strengths, and other factors affect their responses, decision making, motivation, etc., will give insight on how to help them address barriers and plan for their future.”

Lauren, we thank you for your great work at SAFY and for working toward our Mission to Preserve Families and Secure Futures.

Lauren Collignon

Shannon McElroy from SAFY of Alabama has been a licensed social worker for four years and has worked in the social services field for more than 11 years. She enjoys seeing growth in people when they realize their potential and are able to make positive changes. “Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a person have their light bulb moment and begin to see positive outcomes,” said Shannon.

“I believe that families are the foundation of our communities. Healthy families mean healthy communities. Children are also our future. If we can help steer children in positive directions then our future as a whole will be brighter. SAFY’s Mission of Preserving Families and Securing Futures, paired with my beliefs, are a perfect match.”

Shannon believes social workers have a perspective that is unique from other professions. “I can think of no other profession that, when working with a single client, will address and assess not just the individual, but the family, the local community, and the larger community as a whole at the same time. “

Shannon, thank you for your passion for working with older youth who are beginning their journey as resilient, prepared adults!

Shannon McElroy

SAFY recognizes the importance of highlighting our social workers throughout Social Work Month and every day for the important contributions they make to society.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment to improve the world.” Anne Frank

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