Family Preservation & Reunification

SAFY focuses on the following attributes to create stronger families and individuals:

Nurturing and Attachment

When parents and children have strong feelings for one another, children develop trust that their parents will provide love, acceptance, guidance, and protection.

Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development

Parents who understand how children grow and develop can provide an environment where children are able to live up to their potential.

Parental Resilience

Parents who have the ability to handle everyday stressors can solve problems, address challenges, and are less likely to direct their anger and frustration toward their children.

Social Connections

Supportive adults in the family and community can model alternative parenting styles and act as resources when parents need help.

Concrete Supports for Parents

Parents need basic resources to ensure the health and well-being of their children. Some families also need help connecting to social services such as counseling and crisis intervention.


of families say they received the help they needed and were pleased with their child's/family's progress*


of families say SAFY's staff was sensitive to racial and cultural differences and courteous and friendly to their child/family.*


reported their involvement was welcomed in development of their treatment plan with concerns and communications addressed in a timely anner.*


*SAFY 2014 Client Satisfaction Survey