Older Youth Services

SAFY's Older Youth services promote healthy development and prepare youth emancipating from the foster care and/or juvenile justice system for self-sufficiency and independent living.

3.3 million reports of violence against children each year - resulting in 251,764 new placements in the foster care system, we promise a better life, safety, family, home instead 23,439 age out of care each year.

1 in 5

will become homeless after age 18*

Only 1/2

will be employed by age 24*

Less than 3%

will earn a college degree*


of young women will be pregnant by age 21*

1 in 4

will experience PTSD*

Recognizing the importance of healthy family connections, we pursue enduring relationships and a framework for permanency-directed services to improve outcomes for families and children.

*Department of Health and Human Services AFCARS data 2015

Older Youth Texting