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Welcome to SAFY of South Carolina.

SAFY of South-Carolina locations on map graphicSAFY of South Carolina, established in 1994, offers hope and healing through our Model of Care. We serve a culturally diverse population delivering the right care at the right time to strengthen families and children throughout our communities. Recognized as a leader in the management and provision of the highest quality community-based services, our clinical expertise produces positive, sustainable change in the lives of families and their children.



SAFY of South Carolina's Family Preservation services allow children at risk of abuse and neglect to reside safely with their families as an alternative to foster care. Our Empowering Families Network and Community-Based Prevention Services (CBPS) and Strengthening Families Program (SFP) provide short-term services including care coordination, parental education and counseling to ensure safety and stabilize the home environment. When children must be removed from the family, our Reunification services address the issues that brought the child and family into the system. Our goal is to return the child to a stable family setting as soon as possible. Learn more >

mother and child readingSAFY of South Carolina's Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) or treatment foster care places youth in need of treatment-level care in a supportive, family environment. Our services focus on permanency, safety and well-being for both parents and youth, providing a therapeutic level of care that addresses trama healing, parental skill building, success in school and coping skills. Our goal is to ensure each child's physical and emotional safety and facilitate their return to their biological, adoption, or kinship adoption. Learn more >

Foster mom and sonWhen children in out-of-home care cannot be safely reunited with their birth families, SAFY of South Carolina provides services and support to match them to adoptive homes. Our services encourage adoption out of the foster care system when adoption promotes the best permanency option for the child. SAFY of South Carolina also provides supportive services to prevent post-adoption disruptions. Learn more >

photo of a hispanic teen and motherSAFY of South Carolina's Older Youth services promote healthy development and prepare youth emancipating from the foster care and/or juvenile justice system for self-sufficiency and independent living. Recognizing the importance of healthy family connections, SAFY of South Carolina pursues enduring relationships and a framework for permanency-directed services to improve outcomes for families and children. Learn more >

teen being consoled by adultSAFY of South Carolina offers in-home and community-based behavioral health services including individual and family therapy, screening and assessment services designed to preserve the family unit and increase health and well-being. These services are delivered in a child's and family's natural environment such as home, substitute care, school and community. Our goal is to empower all individuals and families seeking treatment with skills to lead self-sufficient and fulfilling lives as productive members of their community. Learn more >


State Contacts

SAFY of South Carolina: Charleston

4925 Lacross Road, Suite 111
North Charleston, SC 29406
Phone: 843-552-1220
Toll Free: 888-723-9624
Fax: 843-552-0502
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SAFY of South Carolina: Columbia

115 Atrium Way, Suite 110 
Columbia, SC 29223 
Phone: 803-791-7328
Toll Free: 800-723-9672
Fax: 803-791-4198
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SAFY of South Carolina: Greenville

5 Century Drive, Suite 130
Greenville, SC 29607
Phone: 864-250-1601
Toll Free: 877-473-3685
Fax: 864-250-1603
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SAFY of South Carolina: Pickens

316 West Main Street, Suite B
Pickens, SC 29871
Phone: 804-507-4861
Toll Free: 800-723-9672 

SAFY of America: Headquarters

10100 Elida Road
Delphos, OH 45833
Phone: 419-695-8010
Toll Free: 800-532-7239
Fax: 419-695-0004